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a highly maneuverable escort warship

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Corvette sales in 2009 were the worst for the nameplate since 1961.
Free Corvette exhibition to be held at Joliet Autobahn Country Club
30, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Even with the weather turning colder, activity in the Corvette Showroom at Chevrolet of Naperville is as hot as ever.
Spectators will be treated to fabulous Corvettes and Chevys that are clearly the movers and shakers in the show car world.
The three Corvettes that are due for repair include the 2009 ZR1 prototype, the one-millionth Corvette ever built and a 1962 model.
Mobil 1 is still the go-to motor oil for all Corvettes in the facility.
Milliner says there are "no issues as far as the value of the corvettes that went down or the building," and adds the agency is "very happy with how we placed coverage.
Together with its constant technological advancements, the demand for Corvettes to appear alongside famous actors and actresses has also not died down.
Corvette's use of advance materials began in 1953, when the first Corvettes were produced with all-fiberglass bodies.
AFLEET of 267 corvettes played a key part as anti-submarine convoy escorts during the Battle of the Atlantic when Germany attempted to starve Britain into submission.
While corvettes may have been largely eschewed by the US Navy during the Cold War, these ships were embraced by the Soviet Union, which outfitted its own navy with such vessels, but also exported them abroad.
One of the star-spangled Greenwood Corvettes that went to Le Mans in 1973 was also displayed.
Chevrolet Corvettes are not a particularly rare sight on OmanAAEs roads.
Despite the Chevrolet badges present on the European-spec Corvettes it is not sold as a Chevrolet here in Europe and it is spun off into its own brand.
But what got the most attention were high-performance cars that tipped their hat to Corvettes, Camaros and Challengers from the 1960s and '70s.