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unpaid labor (as for the maintenance of roads) required by a lord of his vassals in lieu of taxes

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Unless exempt from taxation by holding certain official rank or other status, each man was subjected to an annual head tax of two shi of grain (about 160 kilograms) and two zhang tot' silk (about six meters), plus twenty days of unpaid corvee labor.
Newly converted Avarna Christian "soil-slaves" (people whose caste limited them to back-breaking, menial agricultural work) were beaten and robbed; their sons were taken for corvee labor, and their daughters for worse purposes.
25) Conversely, holders of the certificates enjoyed privileges traditionally accorded to monastics: exemption from tax, conscription, and corvee labor.
The scheme represented one of the first large-scale development projects in the islands where the workforce was hired on the "open market" for a wage rather than recruited by means of corvee labor as had been customary under the prior regime.
xix): Brooke seized power with the help and support of those whose rebellion he had helped put down; the Bidayuh resisted Brooke's attempts to extract taxes and corvee labor from them; Brooke held power directly, and his careful manipulation of native rituals and symbols helped secure his rule more firmly than naval expeditions alone allowed; the alleged Malay plotters were victims of local power struggles, and Brooke's heir was not mad so much as intent on preserving Sarawak's independence from the threat Brooke imposed through his repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to cede Sarawak to a European power.
Buia's effectiveness in presenting itself as a community to outside powers distinguished it from other villages and towns in the region, and a clue to its capacity to do so is signaled by the fact that Buia's apparent leader, Costantino Rizzardi, was a notary; The probable cause for his arrest was not a dispute over forty unpaid ducats, as Angelo's testimony suggests, but a long-standing struggle between the Count Savorgnan's feudal claims of jurisdictional rights and demands for corvee labor from Buia, on the one hand, and the community's claims of statutory exemption, on the other.
Solomon's corvee labor and his numerous wives make him the negation of the ideal king (Deut.