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an adrenal-cortex hormone (trade names Hydrocortone or Cortef) that is active in carbohydrate and protein metabolism

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It took several cortizone injections by the doctors to see him move.
This means knowing what you are going to eat for your mid-afternoon snack and dinner as without planning, you leave yourself vulnerable to overeating during the CortiZone.
There are elevators that don't work and old war buddies who don't recognize their former brother-in-arms (Hussein mumbles something about disfiguring cortizone treatments).
He had a cortizone injection for a groin problem but reported no adverse reaction after going on as a second half substitute.
LONDON'S foremost noise merchants Cortizone play the Barfly, Cardiff, on Tuesday night.
The trainers spoke of cortizone shots to numb injured areas.
He's had cortizone injections, steroids, special shampoos and diets - all to no avail.
The following morning I was sitting in Jim Smith's office and he was saying he still wanted me to play and that they'd give me a cortizone injection.
McDonnell will have a number of cortizone injections to cure a muscle problem but he fully expects to be fit for preseason.
He was given a cortizone injection in his knee yesterday to try and speed his recovery and also had an ultrasound and has now been told to stop training for the next few days to allow his knee time to heal.
Essex boy Macey, 24, needed a cortizone injection in his troublesome groin injury just to start the day.
Flintoff had a cortizone injection for his continued back problems this week and followed it with a booze-up that lasted until 2.
The 2000 Olympic mixed doubles bronze medallist had hoped a cortizone injection would ease the problem with a trapped nerve in his back which brought a premature end to his hopes in this week's Yonex All England Championships in Birmingham.
19, received a cortizone injection in his wrist Sunday.