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2004), Cortinarius glaucopus (Rosling and Finlay, 2005), Hebeloma longicaudum (Van Scholl et al.
Roedd awdur 'The Horse Whisperer', Nicholas Evans yn meddwl ei fod o a'i wraig wedi bwyta hanner kilo o chanterelles ( madarch melyn, rhyfedd yr olwg) ond Cortinarius speciosissimus, neu'r deadly webcap oedden nhw.
Every autumn, the National Poisons Information Service is bombarded with queries from doctors and nurses needing help to treat emergency patients who have picked and eaten sometimes dangerously toxic wild mushrooms, like the Destroying Angel, Death Cap and Cortinarius rubellus.
Cortinarius rubellus is also known as a Deadly Webcap as it has a veil that looks like a cobweb.