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Cuatro especies del genero Cortinarius en Cantabria.
Corner * Clavulinopsis BTS T fusiformis (Sowerby) Corner Cortinariaceae * Cortinarius sanguineus BQ M M/V (Wulfen) Fr.
2004), Cortinarius glaucopus (Rosling and Finlay, 2005), Hebeloma longicaudum (Van Scholl et al.
The millionaire writer was taken to hospital after eating the rare Cortinarius Speciosissimus mushrooms, which he picked while out walking with his family.
Cascade Mycological Society: Joe Ammirati presentation on the genus Cortinarius, 7:30 p.
Structure, biosynthesis and stereochemistry of new dimeric dihydroanthracenones of the phlegmacin type from Cortinarius sinapicolor Cleland.
1999) encontro que Cortinarius rotundisporus (Clel and Cheel) Horak and Wood, en tres sitios de muestreo en bosque esclerofilo, tambien en Australia, produjo individuos con un diametro de 9 a 30m.
For example, Miller (1993) descriped a new species of Cortinarius from southeast Texas and Abraham & Loeblich (1993) has reported Gymnopilus palmicola Murr.
One striking case was that of a woman whose husband, a knowledgeable mushroom gatherer, served his family a variety later identified as Cortinarius, which has no real distinguishing features that would cause one to avoid it.
Contribucion al conocimiento del genero Cortinarius en el centro peninsular III.
lageniforma Lacrimasporonites Basidiomycota (Coprinus, Cortinarius, Stropharia) Elsikisporonites Helicosporium sp.
Cinco especies del genero Cortinarius, raros o poco frecuentes en Cantabria.
Flora, Agaricus, Coprinopsis, Cortinarius, Entoloma, Ophiocordyceps, Pluteus, Na, SS, Vi).