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It has a low survival rate, with mortality remaining at around 35 per cent at 6 months despite corticoid treatment, the current standard of care for the condition.
There was no routine administration of antibiotics or systemic corticoids.
For the Olympics, HPLC is primarily used to screen for diuretics, and in combination with MS, to screen for corticoids.
Some corticoids antagonize low concentrations of thyroid hormones while synergizing with high doses in the developing hindlimb system.
The International Cycling Union has confirmed reports that traces of banned corticoids had been found in the American's urine during a control on July 4.
The brain stimulates the nervous system, making the adrenal glands release corticoids (hormones) into the bloodsteam that arouse heart rate, blood pressure, and blood volume.
Syntex became the leading supplier of the oral contraceptive pill and other corticoids.
Measurement of urinary free corticoids by competitive protein-binding radioassay in hypoadrenal states.
The Merck KGaA Group is represented by its Hermal brands in topical corticoids, anti-acne preparations and anti-mycotics market segments.
During his early years at Syntex, Rosenkranz headed research teams that made major breakthroughs in the development of oral contraceptive pills and economic production of corticoids and other steroid drugs.
Azathioprine is an immunosuppressive drug coadministered with cyclosporine and corticoids to prevent rejection after transplantation [1].
Immunoassays for UFC are precise but overestimate the concentration because of antibodies' cross-reactivity with various metabolites and with synthetic corticoids having a chemical configuration similar to that of cortisol [8].
We have shown that results obtained with this method directly relate to the MPA externally added to the sera and that the method is not affected by other immunosuppressants such as CsA or corticoids, even at doses as high as 400 [micro]g/L.