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Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547)

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The best thing about kayaking in Baja is you never know what is going to happen when you are on the water," says Pinnacle Holdings' Gebhard, who has paddled the Sea of Cortez for two decades.
Not only did Cortez spend the past two school years at Howard as an instructional assistant, she attended the school from kindergarten through fifth grade, with a brief time away during first grade.
In her poem about the first conference, Cortez riffs on the range of languages, experiences and perspectives and struggles the women represented in 1997.
My contention is that Black Aesthetic poetic theories are best exemplified in the poetry of Jayne Cortez, whose work demonstrates the full potentiality of what I call a blues poetics; that is, the most profound manifestation of the tradition of African American Resistance poetry.
Cortez has personally received several death threats over the phone, in the mail, or left pointedly in his desk drawer, as have a number of the center's attorneys.
For a free Colorfest packet, write to the Cortez Chamber of Commerce, Box 968, Cortez 81321; or call (303) 565-3414.
Cortez arrived in the New World in 1504 and was mayor of Santiago, Cuba, when he was ordered by Governor Velasquez to lead an expedition to Mexico.
RICHARDSON, Texas -- Eltek Valere today announced it has named Roel Cortez as the company's new Director of Sales and General Manager for Mexico and Central American regions.
Katherine 'Kath' Cortez, 28, Vice President for News and Public Affairs of Radyo Ni Juan Network received series of messages from an unknown sender with cellular phone number 09467002090 last December 18 at 9 a.
75% Net Value Royalty (NVR) covering a significant area of Barrick Gold Corporations (Barrick) Cortez gold mine, including the Crossroads deposit (Crossroads) from a private party seller.
Then I received Joanne Gabbin's e-mail invitation to hear Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters perform at James Madison University, and their unique brand of jazz poetry, it turned out, was exactly what I had been searching for.
Cortez both of Worcester, Jose Luis Cortez of Atlanta, Eric and Elio Gonzalez, Jano, Ronny and Daniel Cortez all of Valparaiso, Chile; twelve sisters, Sandra Valasquez, Pamela Lewis, Elizabeth Morales, Justina Cortez and Amaryllis Camas all of Worcester, Loreto Ruiz in North Carolina, Vivian, Yessica, Fanni and Yina Cortez, Gloria and Jenny Gonzalez all of Valparaiso; many aunts and uncles including, Juana and James Pignataro, Elba and Arnold Meneses and Marta Cortez.
There are no motels in Cortez itself (there are some nearby in Holmes Beach and Bradenton), but there are several historic homes available for vacation rental, including the Capt.