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Synonyms for corsair

Synonyms for corsair

a pirate along the Barbary Coast

a swift pirate ship (often operating with official sanction)

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Flying sergeants flew Corsairs and F7F Tigercats at Pusan and Chosin, Panthers in close air support against the Chinese, and OY Sentinels in dangerous artillery-spotting missions.
Coleman flew Corsairs with VMA-323, while Williams got the jets of VMF-311.
Last year against the Raiders, the Corsairs scored 30 points in the fourth quarter to come within two points of a win.
Santa Monica (3-3, 2-1) had a chance to win the game, but when penalties moved the ensuing kick back to the 30-yard line, the Corsairs couldn't convert.
Dense-Pac's stacking technology appears to have the best combination of performance and cost in the market," said Andrew Paul, president of Corsair.
This commitment from Corsair is another exciting commercial OEM opportunity for Dense-Pac.
DDR2 memory performance is at its prime thank to the latest Corsair screening process and our DHX technology.
All DOMINATOR memory modules feature Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP), co-developed by NVIDIA and Corsair.
Swooping in low, the Corsairs blasted every antiaircraft site they could identify, searching frantically for the telltale puffs that marked the guns, while the Ads flew the gauntlet in rapid succession, straddling the dam and knocking a hole squarely in the middle.
Still, there was no other option, so early on 1 May 1951 Merrick led his second strike, consisting of eight ADs from VA-195 and three from VC-35 Det 3, backed up by eight Corsairs from VF-192 and four from VF-193.
The Corsair Homecoming will feature the FG-1D and F-2G Corsairs built here.
At 1336 the Corsairs intercepted the raid 30 miles from the task force and discovered a bomber marked with Soviet red stars.
The gift from Texas Trust will help facilitate the foundation's educational program connected with the Corsair, which Chance Vought Aircraft originally manufactured during World War II.
We are very pleased to have our DOMINATOR modules chosen by the engineering team at Alienware," stated Andy Paul, CEO of Corsair.
Corsair Microsystems is a four-year-old developer and manufacturer of high-end memory products, specializing in the high-end server and integration industry.