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an island in the Mediterranean

a region of France on the island of Corsica

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The Corsa VXR gets Koni dampers with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) and rides 10mm lower than the standard Corsa.
A spokesman for Vauxhall said: "There are no security or design issues with our best-selling Corsa.
Cars like the Corsa VXR carry huge bragging rights with their mates and they want to be first in the neighbourhood with the latest model.
Mattioli Automotive Group is the leading North American Ferrari dealership group, while the Scuderia Corsa team is a leading competitor in the TUDOR Championship.
If there's one word we'd use to sum up this fourth generation Corsa, it would probably be 'pragmatic.
The rest of the Corsa package is well worth your time though.
Lasting right through to 2015 has been one marathon innings for Vauxhall's baby and in recent years, the Corsa has started to feel its age.
But after being identi-ed by his victim, he said he had been in the car with his brother, his girlfriend and two children, and had gone over to the Corsa to remonstrate with Mr Hussain over his driving.
The Corsa might get more impressive the more money you spend on it but it's got enough about it to still make a cheap one worthwhile.
The new Corsa comes as a The new Corsa comes as a 5–door or a 3–door.
Actually, saying the Corsa makes money may be to gloss over the facts.
The other car, a red Vauxhall Corsa, was driven by Jamie Wyn Williams, 19, of Toronnen, Bangor.
Firefighters used cutting equipment to remove the roof of the Corsa in which the two men were trapped.
The thriftiest Opel Corsa is now even more economical and environmentally friendly.
Vauxhall, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), is providing a new range of rims for the Corsa.