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a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action

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Applications where corrosivity measurements are of particular importance include communications and data transfer facilities, industrial process control installations, and sensitive production and cultural heritage premises.
No samples exceeded the KCIW discharge limit for nonpolar FOG and none exhibited the federal characteristic of corrosivity or the state-only criteria for persistence.
In brief, the method is a standardized, quantitative in vitro test for skin corrosivity assessment, based upon determination of the time required for a test material to pass through a bio-barrier membrane.
The International Standard ISO 9224 (1992) specifies the long term corrosion rates for standard structural materials in the five corrosivity classes C1-C5.
In offshore areas, corrosivity category C5-M must be fulfilled.
2: Luna smart environmental corrosivity sensor suite for aircraft applications (LUNA 2013)
It features (1) a composition explicit data channel for each distillate fraction (for both qualitative and quantitative analysis), (2) temperature measurements that are true thermodynamic state points that can be modeled with an equation of state (46-50), (3) temperature, volume and pressure measurements of low uncertainty suitable for equation of state development, (4) consistency with a century of historical data (51), (5) an assessment of the energy content of each distillate fraction (40), (6) trace chemical analysis of each distillate fraction (52), (53), (7) corrosivity assessment of each distillate fraction (54), (55).
For nylon, HFIPA is conventionally chosen as a solvent because of its effectiveness, despite the deterrents of toxicity, cost, and corrosivity.
Factors such as climate, installation practices and soil corrosivity can greatly affect failure rates.
The atmosphere is classified with a moderate corrosivity index, CI for low-carbon steel, according to ISO 9223.
Two problems stood in the way of development--cure of the highly basic film and the corrosivity of the acidic bath solutions.
Butanol actually is very similar in properties to the gasoline mixture insofar as how it's burned, its corrosivity and things like that.
Although the pH value of water is an indication of the quality of water, a low conductivity is a more reliable indication for low corrosivity.