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Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

compatibility of observations

the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount

similarity by virtue of corresponding


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Monsieur, you shall have that correspondence, and render me an account of it.
The discovery of that conspiracy is the ruin of the superintendent, and that discovery is the result of the correspondence with England: this is why Colbert wished to have that correspondence.
The profitable disposal of the correspondence to Blanche was no longer among the possibilities involved in the case.
Rendered into intelligible English, this resolution pledged him to hold no communication with Sir Patrick--until he had first tested his success in negotiating with other persons, who might be equally interested in getting possession of the correspondence, and more liberal in giving hush-money to the thief who had stolen it.
Geoffrey Delamayn in matrimonial correspondence, little more than a fortnight since, with another lady--who signed herself "Anne Silvester.
Whatever his position between the two women might be, his interest in possessing himself of the correspondence was plain beyond all doubt.
the man involved in the compromising correspondence which Bishopriggs possessed.
And she could only do that by getting the correspondence into her own hands.
To begin with, the simple type of correspondence we have been exhibiting can hardly occur when words are substituted for images, because, in word-propositions, relations are usually expressed by words, which are not themselves relations.
Owing to these complications, the simplest type of correspondence is impossible when either negative facts or negative propositions are involved.
Enough has been said to show that the correspondence between the belief and its objective is more complicated in this case than in that of the window to the left of the door, and this was all that had to be proved.
In spite of these complications, the general nature of the formal correspondence which makes truth is clear from our instances.
Her correspondence with her aunt Bertram was her only concern of higher interest.
Heseltine thinks there's something behind this correspondence," the Prime Minister said slowly.
Now there suddenly comes a request from you to have the censor pass you copies of all his Dutch correspondence.