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The maximum CMC number of the 180 KNM correlations is 4, and the minimum CMC number for the 10 KM correlations is 11.
At 5hr a weak negative correlation that was not significant was found, (r(186) = -.
1) the Oil Formation Volume Factor (Bo) for the newly developed correlation and after Shammasi's correlation are determined and a comparative study has been made to see the efficacy of the newly developed & the Shammasi's correlation with the experimental PVT data.
Better understanding and symmetry with first order statistical correlation coefficient, was used the normalized Fourier Correlation coefficient NFCC given by (Teusdea, 2009)
Equally, BNP Paribas currency strategists note that since the introduction of quantitative easing the Japanese yen has broken existing correlations.
The current single-phase heat transfer coefficient correlations, such as Gnielinski's correlation, assume single-phase and constant thermodynamic properties.
The negative correlation at longer horizons is robust to different measures of price and output and across countries; the correlations at short horizons are not.
However, we could not be certain of that as the correlation only tells us that the high scores on the two variables tend to go together and not necessarily that raising scores on one of them will cause an increase in scores on the other variable.
This correlation is driving most personal lines carriers to use credit-based insurance scoring for underwriting and, in some cases, for rating personal lines accounts.
5) These models therefore imply that the price-output correlation could be time varying because the degree of price stickiness changes over time, den Haan (2000), however, shows that models with only a demand shock are not capable of generating the pattern of price-output correlations across different forecast horizons that he obtains.
86 and convergent validity has been demonstrated with Budner's (1962) and MacDonald's (1970) scales, with significant correlations of .
4) Trade in goods could decrease output correlations for other reasons as well.
Real estate has historically proven to be an attractive addition to stock and bond portfolios due to low correlations and competitive risk-adjusted returns.