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Evaluating the quality of evidence from correlational research for evidence-based practice.
The present article proposes some quality indicators for evaluating correlational research in efforts to inform evidence-based practice.
Although the results of such correlational research do not imply causation, Ogunseitan notes, they can offer insights to guide future research.
Correlational research was conducted using surveys to obtain primary data.
Early correlational research examined the learning styles of LD students (Madison (1984), compared them with those of EMR students (Dean, 1982) and the gifted (Pederson & Askins, 1983), and found significant differences between those groups.
Most empirical research belongs to one of the following two general categories: In correlational research of the production data we do not (or at least try not to) influence any but only measure them and look for correlations between some set of variables (e.
Influences of sexual abuse on female juvenile delinquency are examined through a correlational research design based on a questionnaire.