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the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders

the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole

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Correctional Services staff are a vital part of the work that is underway to modernize our correctional system and we have a renewed opportunity to work together under a new framework ?
While the data are sobering, there is tremendous opportunity for reform in our federal correctional system.
estimated that the Canadian correctional system actually houses 49 people with FAS (thus, 36 undiagnosed cases).
Despite the fact that the provincial correctional system incarcerates the largest number of individuals in Canada, the individual and collective experiences of those incarcerated within provincial jails have been largely overlooked, especially in regard to women.
I hope, by way of this article, to explain and describe briefly and in impartial terms at least some of the goals, approaches, and methods of our federal correctional system.
An inside view of the challenges of the correctional system, aspects that need to be changed for the future, and the struggles of the men and women who live behind bars.
Health services provided through the correctional system may be their major source of health care.
A recent review of 20 publications on the academic characteristics of incarcerated youth (Foley, 2001) indicates that while a range of abilities is apparent among the population, most perform between the fifth- and ninth-grade levels academically and those with more significant academic deficits are more likely to return to the juvenile correctional system.
These technologies have yet to impact the correctional system the way in which telemedicine has.
The project involves the expansion, retrofits and building of new jails and is part of the province's overall plan to introduce standard and performance benchmarks to Ontario's correctional system.
This paper attempts to examine whether increases in correctional system funding come at the expense of public education.
is locked into a correctional system that encourages people to commit more crimes, according to criminologist Jerome Miller.
This will be accomplished through an identification of the scope of the problem, the role of prison facilities in the rehabilitation process, including academic and vocational training, and collaboration between rehabilitation and the correctional system, with a focus on transition.
The $138 million NCCF houses up to 2,900 inmates and is part of the Los Angeles County Correctional System (LACCS), one of the largest in the Nation with 11 separate facilities.
to deliver in-prison substance abuse and recidivism reduction treatment throughout the state's correctional system.
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