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severing the corpus callosum so that communication between the cerebral hemispheres is interrupted (in cases of severe intractable epilepsy)


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Spike-monitoring of anaesthesia for corpus callosotomy using bilateral bispectral index.
After a video EEG and MRI, it was determined that a corpus callosotomy was indicated.
On the other hand, she notes, "If the corpus callosotomy didn't work, I couldn't say 'I'm sorry, let's put it back the way it was.
She may now be facing surgery, either implantation of a vagus nerve stimulator or a corpus callosotomy.
She is now facing two possible surgeries to help control the seizures: implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator (a device which electronically stimulates the vagus nerve in the neck), and/or a corpus callosotomy (a surgical procedure to separate the two hemispheres of the brain).
Corpus callosotomy is sometimes per-formed when the patient has generalized seizures or when the specific area of the brain where seizures begin (the "seizure focus") cannot be identified.