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Thursday after Trinity Sunday

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a city in southern Texas on an arm of the Gulf of Mexico

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Exclusive $35 and $50 Direct Phone Call Sales Leads Corpus Christi, TX Area - Call (404) 973-2500
Education watchdog Estyn said Corpus Christi had performed better than the national average in all key GCSE indicators over the past four years, with nearly all pupils having positive attitudes to learning.
The Eagle Ford JV Pipeline system is a 50/50 joint venture between Plains and Enterprise that delivers crude oil and condensate via pipeline from Gardendale in La Salle County, TX to the Three Rivers and Corpus Christi refineries and to other markets via marine transport facilities at Corpus Christi.
a wholly owned subsidiary of BBVA (NYSE: BBVA) (MAD: BBVA), has said that it is continuing to expand its Corpus Christi team.
Corpus Christi invested in a wide range of Incode applications to provide efficiencies across court functions, including court case management, jury management, secure online payment processing, warrant and citation import scheduling, and officer email notification for streamlined communications.
Ultimately, the result is less than satisfactory,” said a Master Stylist at the Corpus Christi salon.
Like Gaona, more than half of the residents in the Corpus Christi metro area are Hispanic.
a full-service construction, fabrication and maintenance contractor in Corpus Christi, to provide transportation support for the aircraft from Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi to the Corpus Christi International Airport.
Whilst obviously not intending to, Corpus Christi broke this important rule where other universities and colleges taking part adhered to it.
Children at Corpus Christi School, in Langbank Avenue, Ernesford Grange, Coventry, launched hundreds of balloons to celebrate the beginning of a year of events to commemorate the creation of the parish of Corpus Christi in 1956.
But it was hard to explain just how sacred this sacrament is to my 4-year-old son Giona until we helped make sawdust carpets for the Feast of Corpus Christi at my mother's parish.
After serving two years at the Port of Corpus Christi and Port of Beaumont in Texas, the 1192nd Transportation Terminal Brigade, New Orleans, La.
The Corpus Christi campus granted access to facilities and provided modest financial support.
The Port of Corpus Christi says the local economy will soon benefit from a recently signed memo of understanding between port officials and the Cuban government (see CubaNews, August 2003, page 3).
Signifying God: Social Relation and Symbolic Act in the York Corpus Christi Plays.
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