corporal punishment

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Yet the process was not easy, as the child moved from the loving embrace of the female nurse to the corporeal punishment of the stern male instructors.
If we believe that corporeal punishment constitutes abuse, then in effect the cause is contained within the definition.
Krafft-Ebing and the Victorian concept of corporeal punishment in schools, along to Hitler and Eva Braun and ending with an analysis of the feast of capitalism.
Good works are the effect, not the cause, of Christian salvation; persevering in them is the surest sign, the most satisfying evidence or assurance, that a person is an elect saint of God, destined to enjoy the infinite pleasures of heaven, and not a damned sinner, destined eventually to suffer corporeal punishment in this world and the infinitely prolonged agonies of Hell in the next.
It is cruel and calamitous and often constant, and, as its Latin root poena implies, it is the corporeal punishment each of us ultimately suffers for being alive.