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control of a state or organization by large interest groups

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Although the members of the parliament could place themselves together with their colleagues in a discourse that seeks corporativism and proximity, it is not actually so.
It brought us victory of socialdemocratism, of various alternatives of third ways, of communitarism, of environmentalism, of political correctness, of humanrightism, of Europeanism, of corporativism, of NGOism.
She has distinguished herself in union leadership, as did Madrazo, by combining old prusta practices (political favors, corporativism, social justice, etc.
Robbins' detailed analysis of the social thought of the Roman Catholic Church reveals it to have a long-standing theological and philosophical antipathy to civil, religious, economic, and political freedom, a hostility that has played out in practice in feudalism, corporativism, fascism, and liberation theology.
But membership in such a union has to be voluntary and not decreed from above, because this is not unity, it is corporativism.
For example, Giancarlo Pellegrini examines what Ferrarese professors had to say about corporativism and corporativist law in the 1930s.
The colonies created new markets; corporativism consolidated and strengthened Italian industrial output, while autarchy guaranteed its demand; and the politically-aligned mass media (in particular the radio and the press) heavily promoted Fascist Italy's products to its many consumers.
For example, there is the biotechnopia often promoted by enthusiasts of the new technologies and typified by Wired, which combines with-it theories of complexity and free-market corporativism in a "digital revolution.
However, the (admittedly vague) constitutional structure which the Stauffenberg brothers favoured for a post-Nazi Reirh was a form of corporativism in which the officer corps of the German army would fulfil a significant leadership position.