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control of a state or organization by large interest groups

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Israel was also broadly supported by a considerable segment of American Jews, many of whom, especially on the left, saw in Israel's 'national-socialist' corporativism a social-emotional, so to speak, alternative to the coldly capitalist United States.
74) The poem scoffs at its ideology, make fun of corporativism and the National Union and also take a shot at the Catholic Church while devoting special attention to the 'directives' Salazar wanted to enforce on writers and artists.
1977), Authoritarianism and Corporativism in Latin America, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press.
The activities of groups such as National Resistance ("Narodni odpor") and National Corporativism ("Narodni korporativismus") were characterized by racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim attitudes, disseminating Nazi propaganda, and holocaust denial.
Although the members of the parliament could place themselves together with their colleagues in a discourse that seeks corporativism and proximity, it is not actually so.
It brought us victory of socialdemocratism, of various alternatives of third ways, of communitarism, of environmentalism, of political correctness, of humanrightism, of Europeanism, of corporativism, of NGOism.
She has distinguished herself in union leadership, as did Madrazo, by combining old prusta practices (political favors, corporativism, social justice, etc.
The cantons and the Swiss Federation have thus adapted in a very diverse manner to modern constitutionalism, while also maintaining their corporativism in a rural environment and culture.
And if the turn of the Millennium will be remembered for anything it will be for the young people of our world, and how they came together and created a movement to oppose the capitalist system and all its intellectual expressions: corporativism, conservativism, globalism, neoliberalism, and so on.
The verdict taken by the Court together with previous ones regarding freedom of association widens the legal framework for dismantling the labor union's corporativism, but at the same time builds unfavourable conditions for syndicalism as such.
corporativism and statalism), therefore, would not generate a popular business press (Meyer 1996).
But membership in such a union has to be voluntary and not decreed from above, because this is not unity, it is corporativism.
For example, Giancarlo Pellegrini examines what Ferrarese professors had to say about corporativism and corporativist law in the 1930s.