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Synonyms for takeover



Synonyms for takeover

a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force

a change by sale or merger in the controlling interest of a corporation

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They needed the idea of an enemy to distract the population from focusing on the corporate takeover of government.
If the unthinkable happens to your organization this year--a natural disaster, the unexpected death of an executive, a corporate takeover or a tragic workplace accident--are you ready to respond?
Linville gives chapter and verse from the Nader bible: the rise of movements throughout American history; the corporate takeover of the Democratic Party; the need for an independent force for social change.
The spectrum of subjects covered by the bands under the general umbrella of punk and hardcore included but was not in the least restricted to anti-vivisectionism, the joys of cunnilingus, child abuse, the Boer rebellion, the corporate takeover of the world and many, many fiery indictments of organized religion.
In The Captive State, The Corporate Takeover of Britain, author George Monbiot claims creating a new hospital on the Walsgrave site will mean fewer beds and staff.
The acquisition of HKT was the largest-ever corporate takeover in Asia, including Japan.
in the largest-ever corporate takeover in Asia, has been active in investing in the Japanese market.
Second, that although acquiring firms generally have a competitive advantage over rival firms prior to corporate takeover announcements, competitive position does not imply a particular takeover strategy.
Instead, the debonair phantom actually helps Hopkins prevent a very unfriendly corporate takeover while celebrating a birthday bash that would have embarrassed Malcolm Forbes, Sr.
It was the biggest timber deal since the 1986 corporate takeover of Pacific Lumber by Texas financier Charles Hurwitz of Maxxam.
Her three brothers were placed into involuntary bankruptcy by a group of lenders after they borrowed millions of dollars to attempt a corporate takeover.
From this absurdist corporate takeover opening sequence, the series chronicles life inside and outside the cab stand and revolves around the conflicts between nouveau-capitalist Pis ("Free enterprise: ya wants it, ya takes it.
He notes that Baxter State Park is bordered by hundreds of thousands of acres that recently changed ownership in an acrimonious corporate takeover of Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation by Georgia Pacific Corporation.
The remaining 10 percent are in public companies and are often used to restructure employee benefits in ways that provide tax benefits to the company or as a defense against a hostile corporate takeover.
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