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Corporate Social Responsibility is linked to our Company's core values and is the foundation upon which we measure our success.
Cathy Yan, PPG general manager for government affairs and business development, Asia Pacific, also won recognition for her leadership of PPG's corporate social responsibility endeavors in China with this year's Award for Excellence in Social Responsibility for an Individual.
Industry experts, government officials and international figures will present a series of workshops on the importance and future of corporate social responsibility in business activities during the event.
Speaking at the end of the first ever conference on Corporate Social Responsibility on the topic of corporate social responsibility, challenges and solutions in the capital, MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo, said that many corporates in Namibia are unwilling to fund or support communities in which they operate under the pretexts of limited budgets.
When the problem is perceptions of poor corporate governance--overpaid CEOs, say, or lack of political accountability--acts of corporate social responsibility increase, but not in the category of governance.
The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report is to demonstrate how Land O'Lakes - a farmer-owned food and agriculture cooperative - is carrying out its commitment to community and family, protecting our natural resources, and working to achieve our goals through cooperation and highly responsible business practices.
I am delighted these awards recognise our commitment to corporate social responsibility and proud of the colleagues who give so much of their own time to help others.
The Asian CSR Awards, co-presented this year by Intel, is Asia's premier Awards program on corporate social responsibility.
It is worth noting that the Corporate Governance and Responsibility Forum in the Middle East and North Africa first convened in 2007 at the Dead Sea in Jordan for three days during which prominent regional figures, including managers, businessmen, and board chairmen discussed the most important corporate governance and corporate social responsibility principles and practices in the world.
The problem is that as the law stands, corporate social responsibility is purely voluntary and unenforceable.
UK) assesses the role of the mining industries in sustainable development, analyzes modern approaches to corporate social responsibility adopted by mining companies, and evaluates their policies and practices in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety, employee relations, and community development.
The UK Government has launched a new web site that will feature information on how the government is supporting the development and spread of corporate social responsibility.
We have 14,000 volunteers registered from 20 companies,' says Nadkarni, who is General Manager, Group Corporate Social Responsibility.
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