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characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding

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The result of a corporate raid can be similar to the result of a proxy contest: incumbent managers lose their jobs.
It's the one of the most outrageous examples of a corporate raid and denial of civil justice that Congress has ever considered," said Jeff Blum executive director of USAction.
The parliamentary commission has found connection between real estate deals and criminal investigations carried out during Kubatbek Baibolov's tenure as Prosecutor General concerning corporate raid of the mobile operator MegaCom by Alexey Eliseev, Eugen Gurevich and others.
215 individuals are involved in the cases forwarded for further investigation on charges with withdrawal of money from the country, corporate raid, embezzlement of public funds, financial and official crimes," she added.
She reminded that as corporate raid and illegal actions were covered from the top, April 7 events happened.
These assets were obtained through a corporate raid, the President said.
Nationalization of facilities is necessary, since all these companies belonged to Bakiev's and his cronies, were acquired through corporate raid or at trifling sum," Roza Otunbaeva said.
Beknazarov said the owner of 66% of shares of AUB, Mikhail Nadel, organized this bank through corporate raid.
the natural gas company he used to launch corporate raids in the 1980s, but had to defend from hostile bidders in the 1990s.
Douglas is back in his Oscar[R]-winning role as Gordon Gekko, whose iconic "Greed is good" mantra and daring corporate raids made him a rock star of financial titans.
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