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The joint solution allows organizations to augment their BEA-based corporate portals with a full suite of collaboration and knowledge management capabilities providing an easy-to-use and cost effective solution to enhance the value of corporate portals.
A basic corporate portal has absolutely no ability to assure the quality of the underlying information.
Enterprise Edition's portlets and personalized content into the My EMC corporate portal.
We recognized the need to continue our relationship with Plumtree by purchasing perpetual licenses of the Plumtree Corporate Portal," added Lt.
Corporate portal market-leader Plumtree Software is creating a simple, personalized Web portal to the information and applications that businesses can use every day.
Charlie Abrahams, EMEA managing director of Plumtree Software, added: "As Windows is to the PC, so the corporate portal is to enterprise use of the web.
The Plumtree Corporate Portal is powering Pharmacia's shift to electronic resources, and reducing the expense of storing and delivering printed materials.
It provides businesses with a central access point to exchange private and secure email and a vehicle that can be used to repeatedly draw customers to the corporate portal.
Corporate portal market-leader Plumtree Software today announced deployments of the Plumtree Corporate Portal at five government organizations.
The survey, taken at Butler Group's Corporate Portal Conference, revealed that 70% of the companies attending the conference have or are planning to implement a corporate portal within 12 months.
Corporate portal market-leader Plumtree Software today released the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.
The new InterAction Gadget Web Services are components for integrating InterAction capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal, offering customers a comprehensive solution for extending CRM capabilities to professional services firms that use corporate portals as the gateway to their business resources.
Plumtree Software (Nasdaq:PLUM) today announced it has completed its annual analysis on the state of the corporate portal market.
Enhanced Single Sign-On for the Plumtree Corporate Portal
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