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It recognizes the corporate person accommodates vicarious fault, genuine corporate fault, and the fault standards imposed by the Holder Memorandum and its progeny.
129) Under this view of the corporation, often termed the aggregation or associational theory, the corporate person is the aggregation of the natural persons within, and is essentially their alter ego.
If I have spent my life being an expert on, say, drilling oil wells, and all of a sudden I am getting calls from everybody around the world to access my knowledge, well, even if I am a good corporate person, it's taking time away from what I am supposed to be doing.
The medieval canonists, in a classic fit of legal double-talk, defined the church as a corporate person whose legal authority resided ultimately in the Catholic people but was exercised by officeholders chosen according to the norms of divine and ecclesiastical law - law that was defined, of course, by the officeholders themselves.
If the MF Global corporations are defined as 'persons' in the Bankruptcy Code, then the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal legal protection and no discrimination among all types of 'persons,' be they a black, white, female, male, or corporate person, as defined.
This integrated suite of robust HIS solutions includes financial and clinical applications, as well as a lifetime corporate person index and a receivables workstation for collection of accounts.
Other authors not only do not find that corporate personhood compels us to treat a corporate person as possessing the same rights as human beings, they warn that "reification is a device for making something that is in fact complex seem simple, and that can be dangerous.
Violating the rights of the corporate person always means compromising the legitimate interests of many members of this broad range of biological persons.
When the Supreme Court agreed, it essentially became "unconstitutional" to treat a human person differently from a corporate person.
Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are to be treated as "persons", then the "parent" corporate person, MF Global Holdings, by definition, must have a "child" corporate person, MF Global, Inc.
Kent Greenfield, In Defense of Corporate Persons, 30 CONST.
It could also mean that such corporate persons can be based anywhere in the world.
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