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that branch of jurisprudence that studies the laws governing corporations

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With 66 percent of the Fortune 500 and half of all public companies incorporated in Delaware, he has played a significant role in shaping the country's corporate law.
Referring to the corporate law, he said it took extra time to discuss the law to arrive at a right formula that will achieve the maximum benefit for all concerned.
The Ministry of Economy says that the modifications to the corporate law aim to prevent bankruptcy procedure abuse, that is to say, avoidance of payment of liabilities having become due for payment.
Mandel--real estate, corporate law, commercial law; Richard M.
He has practiced corporate law since qualifying as a lawyer.
When Wasauksing First Nation took Wasausink Lands Incorporated to court in an attempt to regain control of the corporation, the leased lands and revenues that it controlled, the Superior Court of Ontario ruled in favor of the corporation and corporate law.
The book that will lay the groundwork for the corporate law debates of the coming decade is The Anatomy of Corporate Law.
From the basic building blocks of corporate law to the structuring of billion-dollar infrastructure projects, Steel Hector is increasingly being called upon as a resource for international business.
Aspen Law & Business (New York) has released the second edition of Connecticut Corporate Law & Practice, a treatise designed to help attorneys and corporate officers better understand the effects of the Connecticut Business Corporation Act (CBCA) and other recent developments in Connecticut corporate law.
They" are the political corporatists in your midst, such as the Heritage and Cato groups and the trade associations and corporate law firms filled with well-paid persons, who concoct schemes designed to leave Americans defenseless against hazards to their safety and their family budgets.
Corporate law does not ordinarily hold corporate shareholders, officers, and directors personally liable for the debts of the corporation.
Crass capitalism, Stevens writes, has invaded the once serene realm of corporate law.
NEW YORK -- In a double-dose of good news for attorneys and administrative staff employed by corporate law departments, a pair of surveys released today showed that compensation grew for most positions in the past year and that total employment is slowly rising as well.
com)-- With more than twelve years' experience in private equity and corporate law, Linda Harroch has been promoted to Partner at BSP.
WE WRITE ABOUT CORPORATE LAW HERE to a greater extent than other laws, for this reason: corporate law is the overarching law; it is the elephant in the C-Suite and the boardroom in many discussions of strategy, risk, and a broad spectrum of legal consequences.
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