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a venture by a partnership or conglomerate designed to share risk or expertise

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106 The condition set forth in (c) above is intended to be read in the context of when the review of the subsidiary, corporate joint venture, or other entity is being performed for the purpose of the controlling entity (the issuer) meeting its reporting obligations as a result of conditions (a) or (b).
CORPORATE JOINT VENTURE * The corporate joint venture establishes a jointly owned corporation.
Nippon Steel Sumikin Naoetsu is a corporate joint venture between NSSMC and Toho Titanium, which was established in 2013.
Because the majority corporate joint venture tax issues resemble those involving subsidiaries (discussed below), this section discusses only the first two types.
A corporate joint venture meeting the requirements of Opinion no.
The Council wishes to procure a joint venture partner (JVP) with which to enter into a corporate joint venture arrangement (JVA).
company and a foreign company can be structured as either a partnership or a corporate joint venture.
In the frame of the discussion, parties are analysing different cooperation setups such as a corporate Joint Venture, amongst others.
For example, assume that a corporation owns all of the stock of a subsidiary, and the corporation wants to engage in a corporate joint venture with another entity ("Third Party").
A nonpublic entity is any entity other than (1) one whose securities trade in a public market either on a stock exchange (domestic or foreign) or in the over-the-counter market, including securities quoted only locally or regionally, (2) one that makes a filing with a regulatory agency in preparation for the sale of any class of its securities in a public market or (3) a subsidiary, corporate joint venture or other entity controlled by an entity covered by (1) or (2).
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