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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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The two Anderson/Arlinghaus articles document an increase in recognition of the senior tax executive as a corporate executive officer, with the July 1986 article providing a benchmark for comparing tax executive titles.
Newly appointed - Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President,
Corporate executive officer for Langely Health Services, 1425 S.
of America, corporate executive officer, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Sony Entertainment Business Group and chairman, group CEO and representative corporate officer of Sony Corp.
With new mobile apps, Shiseido Beauty Consultants continue to engage customers with 'Omotenashi' (the Japanese spirit of hospitality) to differentiate the Shiseido customer experience," said Chikako Sekine, corporate executive officer, Shiseido Co.
Kazuo Hirai** - Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and CEO
Samuella Aboko Cole, the Corporate Executive Officer declared that every customer will like the product and Airtel is ready to make the customers feel free.
NEW YORK -- At the company's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Carsten Fischer, Corporate Executive Officer and Chief Officer of the International Business Division of Shiseido Co.
Rohlfsen also convicted a defendant after a jury trial on charges related to a securities investment fraud, and conducted a review into alleged "robo-signing" practices in the mortgage industry, resulting in a guilty plea by the responsible corporate executive officer and a $35 million fine paid by the publicly-traded parent company.
Reitinger will report to Nicole Seligman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation.
Senji Yamamoto (Director, Corporate Executive Officer and Chairman of Sony Communication Network Corporation) (1) Part-time Director, and outside Director as provided by the Commercial Code of Japan.
According to the Company, it has appointed Kenichiro Yoshida as Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer.
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