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The originators of the corporate dress code were right, after all: a woman in heels, toes covered, commands a strong, awesome presence worthy of deference and respect, while a woman with toes peeking out her shoes looks flighty and irresponsible.
It has a very informative section on "cracking the corporate dress codes and looking your best.
Then there are the earrings, the Doc Marten shoes and the resistance to corporate dress codes, all likely to raise the hackles of many 40- and 50-somethings.
The Bic corporation recently announced a casual corporate dress policy, believing it would foster creativity.
Casual corporate dress codes have set an important precedent, and fragrance companies, too, are positioning their products in order to address this new attitude and lifestyle," says the report.
Paul Simon instituting a corporate dress code requiring all employees--male and female--to wear a bow tie.
Josephine Chaus, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Chaus was among the first womenswear companies to recognize the changes in corporate dress and to respond with fresh, more casual alternatives for career wear.
But many believe that high-level executives should maintain a corporate dress style at all times, no matter what their field of business or social situation.
has authored two books on corporate dress, THE PROFESSIONAL IMAGE and most recently, THE NEW PROFESSIONAL IMAGE.
Here, then, is a corporate dress code for Brothers and Sisters.
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