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a bond issued by a corporation

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The Calvert Income Fund Class I Shares (CINCX) ranked #1 (out of 100 funds) in the Corporate Debt Funds BBB-Rated classification for the five-year period ended December 31, 2007.
The economic benefits of paperless corporate debt are analogous to those in the government and foreign equity sectors.
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) today began publicly disseminating Rule 144A transaction data in corporate debt securities, bringing transparency to a market that had previously operated in the dark.
Lenders or companies themselves could refer themselves to the corporate debt restructure cells and request for help, said the central bank.
Corporate Debt business, will assume responsibility for sourcing transaction opportunities and replace Mr.
I suppose if one looks at the massive debt financing that passes for fiscal management in Washington, corporate debt doesn't look to ominous.
To the extent that corporate debt minimization is linked to corporate profit maximization, we need both the lender of last resort as well as the borrower of last resort.
But the district court accepted the reasoning of the Ninth Circuit and the revenue ruling in concluding that cancellation of corporate debt was not a gift of a present interest.
Perry served as an Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
investment grade corporate debt, the firm served as issuer counsel on over US$49 billion in proceeds from 72 issues, representing a 9% market share, and manager counsel on over US$62 billion in deal value from 154 offerings, representing a market share of 9.
Global Banking News-May 2, 2014--Mauritius central bank unhappy with rising corporate debt
The Forward EM Corporate Debt Fund is offered in Investor Class, Institutional Class and C Class shares.
With that kind of acceptance and financial strength, this financing technique should be considered an established alternative to straight corporate debt.
That court, however, upheld the Tax Court decision that a shareholder's personal guaranty of corporate debt clearly was different from a shareholder's being indebted to the corporation.
Because corporate debt in reality may be disguised equity to achieve better tax results, the IRS might treat debt securities issued by the corporation as equity for tax purposes.
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