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characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding

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In a sensational interview before the election in the Russian newspaper Kommersant, one of these previously unknown KGB managers explained how they use state extortion against private enterprises to accomplish their "velvet re-privatization" through state corporate raiding.
He finds himself at the centre of some unorthodox corporate raiding when the shoot-out earns him a reputation as quick on the draw.
of Chicago and Bentonville Associates Ventures LLC of corporate raiding and attempting to blackmail Hunt into selling its Dedicated Contract Service division.
In Barbarians at the Gate, the best-selling account of the corporate raiding that shook RJR Nabisco during the '80s, Jordan is portrayed as a go-along-to-get-along guy, less concerned about what a leveraged buyout would mean for the company than for his $50,000-a-year pension.
Jane Doe, up-and-coming financial whiz, wanted sculpted body parts and the cardiovascular stamina to withstand 12-hour days of vigorous corporate raiding.
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