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a bond issued by a corporation

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On the September 30, 2014 maturity date of the corporate note, Richard Rubin, counsel for American and Dror, sent several emails to the Wolinskys and their counsel requesting the Wolinskys to grant an extension for American and Dror to pay the remaining balance of the corporate note, which the Wolinskys denied.
Payments on a corporate note may be suspended if the firm enters bankruptcy proceedings.
Denying the Perrys' claim for passthrough losses supported by corporate notes received in exchange for personal notes, the court held that no deduction is allowable when shareholder debt does not arise out of an "investment" in an S corporation.
5 billion corporate notes issued October and nearly $5 billion on loan from NCUSIF.
The rest are spread among corporate notes, commercial papers, certificates of deposits, the Local Agency Investment Fund and treasury notes.
The notes are secured by broadly syndicated first-lien senior secured corporate loans and other corporate notes and bonds, and the entire offering was fully or over-subscribed.
As for the corporate notes, investors preferred the following loans: FNCCE19, CE24, RusHydroCE7 and Magnit MBCE7.
Global ownership of local sovereign and corporate notes jumped $2.
0 billion Corporate Notes, Puregold Price Club, Inc.
The new funds invest in a broad spectrum of short-term fixed income assets, including commercial paper, certificates of deposit, corporate floating rate notes, asset-backed floating rate notes, short-dated and fixed corporate notes, and fixed deposits.
65% corporate notes due 2018; Champion REIT on its US$1 billion guaranteed medium term note programme; Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cheung Kong Bond Securities (03) Limited ("CKBS"), on the issue and offering by CKBS of US$500 million 5.
All restrictions and sub-limits governing purchases of government and corporate notes will be removed from April 1, while keeping the overall cap at $25 billion for sovereign debt and $51 billion for securities issued by companies, Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said in New Delhi on March 23.
Interest appears in the corporate notes as the demand of BFL is dropping.
NYSE: DUK) today announced it has filed a prospectus supplement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the issuance of corporate notes through Incapital's InterNotes program.
government agencies, 6% were in overnight repurchase agreements and 5% were in corporate notes.
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