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Synonyms for logo

Synonyms for logo

a company emblem or device


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All three are fully customizable in leather color pattern, personalized monogram, corporate logo, and much more.
As well as the corporate logo, the typography has been applied to all instore signage, PoS and bags.
What the book club logo threatened was no Franzen's non-existent "independence"; it threatened to obscure the significance of the real corporate logo on his dust jacket, that of his publisher Farrar, Strauss & Giroux.
Ward Evans chief executive Mike Kenney shows off the company's new corporate logo
They are orange, soft gelatin and imprinted with Abbott's corporate logo.
Babbitt came up with a plan to rename streets and parks for corporate sponsors, implant ads in city sidewalks, and plaster corporate logos on the sides of city garbage trucks.
About My Corporate Logo: My Corporate Logo has been offering logo design services to startups, small or mid-sized businesses since 2005.
The corporate logo was developed as a visual acknowledgement that the recent merger of equals between Snyder's of Hanover and Lance created a stronger national snack food company: Snyder's-Lance.
Pioneer changed its corporate logo in 1998 to reflect its renewed focus on the future of home and mobile entertainment, as well as its aggressive approach to innovation.
Virgo publishes 30 other stand-alone business and professional magazines in a wide variety of fields, including Child Care Business, Modern Car Care, Juice, Today's Librarian, Horse Professional and The Corporate Logo.
The same bat with a regular corporate logo retails at sporting goods stores for about $100, Darby said.
Emerging Alternative Energy Company Granted New Ticker Symbol and Releases New Corporate Logo
Beasley's announced the introduction of an extensive Corporate Logo product line.
Trouble brewing: That new logo on the American League umpires hats - a red ``A'' - is too close to the Anheuser-Busch corporate logo, the beer company claims in the latest issue of Referee magazine.
Fine wine is always appreciated, but it becomes a stand-out gift when personalized with a treasured family photo, corporate logo, or holiday greeting," says Fred King, Vice President and General Manager of Exclaim's Web Business.
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