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a legal document that creates a corporation

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At that time, the States had none of the current rules for obtaining a corporate charter.
Delaware, as with other states, reserves the right to revoke or forfeit state corporate charters when they are abused or misused, as in cases of repeated unlawful conduct.
There will always be demand for corporate charter service, and that demand fluctuates with business development," said Jason Ward, senior vice president, sales and marketing, for Security Aviation, based at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.
On the other side, advocates for state control over corporate governance respond that competition between states for corporate charters generates a "race to the top": competition in the capital markets compels managers to offer shareholders corporate law rules that effectively constrain managerial overreaching.
Corporate charters are the legal instruments by which state governments incorporate businesses and grant them special privileges and rights (such as limited liability) as defined in the state's corporate laws.
District Judge Norman Moon struck down the state law as unconstitutional and ordered the Virginia State Corporation Commission to grant Thomas Road a corporate charter.
At Van Nuys - the nation's busiest general aviation airport serving corporate charters and private pilots - security is generally left up to the individual aircraft operators.
But the soul of the corporation is the charter, and corporate charters speak for themselves.
The movement to revoke corporate charters has gotten its history confused.
There are contracts to review, lease agreements to turn upside down and corporate charters and bylaws to shore up.
The key to analyzing this is the actual economic benefit conveyed by each share; if differences in rights arise because of state law, corporate charters or corporate articles or bylaws, the corporation will be considered to have more than one class of stock.
This partnership combines the strengths of each organization -- Landry & Kling's sales and operations expertise in the planning and delivery of incentive cruises, corporate charters, and special event housing solutions (such as the Jacksonville Super Bowl); plus George Gehl's depth of experience with pure meetings and affinity cruises -- resulting in a more diverse business mix," said Mark Phillips, chief operating officer, Landry & Kling.
Paras Dhamecha, executive director at Empire Aviation Group said, We are certainly seeing an increase in corporate charters compared to last year due to the healthier business climate in the region and the boost of the Expo 2020 success.
And states compete for businesses--not just for corporate charters, but for LLCs, business trusts, partnerships, and so on.
Deccan Charters Limited, formerly known as Deccan Aviation Limited, is one of India's largest General Aviation Services Company offering an array of services ranging from corporate charters for industry captains, to emergency medical services, offshore charters, heli-tourism and aircraft management, aircraft operations and engineering services.
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