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Synonyms for prostate

a firm partly muscular chestnut sized gland in males at the neck of the urethra

relating to the prostate gland


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Lumen contains corpora amylacea with concentric layers that stains with different intensities which is evident when calcification begins.
There is a tendency for corpora amylacea to increase in number.
Features most helpful for the diagnosis of cancer after radiotherapy are chiefly architectural: infiltrative growth, perineural invasion, intraluminal crystalloids, blue mucin secretions, the absence of corpora amylacea, and the presence of concomitant high-grade PIN (Table 4; Figure 3, C).
A small focus of a neuropil-like structure with rare glial cells and corpora amylacea was located adjacent to the skeletal muscle (figure 2, C).
Inspissated platelike secretions differ morphologically from prostatic corpora amylacea, which are round to oval with concentric lamellations,[11,12] by their more haphazard shape (rectangular, rhomboid, ovoid) and lack of lamellations.