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the ceremony of installing a new monarch

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That ship was a whaler, strayed east, far east, from the mouth of the Mackenzie, and it was lying at anchor in Coronation Gulf.
38 The Ministry of Food granted 82 applications for people to roast oxen if they could prove that, by tradition, an ox had been roasted at previous Coronations.
Fifty years to the day when she was crowned Queen in the historic Abbey - scene of coronations for 900 years - she will retrace her steps.
Bellringer Allen Haigh of Holmfirth, 68, (pictured) had rung bells to mark the deaths of four of them and the coronations of three.
Princess Marie Louise (granddaughter of Queen Victoria) attended the coronations of King Edward VII (1902), King George V (1911), King George VI (1937) and Queen Elizabeth II (1953).
Privately, leading clergy admit future coronations will not take the form of the 1953 service.
Royal events such as coronations, weddings and funerals have been marked as well as the battle victories at Waterloo, Trafalgar and both World Wars.
a free but ticketed public lecture on Coronations by the Bishop of London on June 7 - and a ticketed gala concert of Coronation music on June 13.
a free but ticketed public lecture on coronations by the Bishop of London on June 7 - and a gala concert of Coronation music on June 13.
Holmfirth Choral Society will sing music, ancient and modern, taken from coronations over the years.
One issue is whether Scone would again become the site of coronations.
THE first half of the 20th century saw no less than three coronations and an abdication - it was an eventful 50 years for the British Royal Family.
This is a brilliant and closely analysed piece of research which overthrows the easily held view that the growth of Protestant understanding made coronations nothing more than ceremonies of coronation.
web(TM) has been chosen by Granada Media to host a live webcast of Coronation Street's 40th birthday party on December 8th at 8p.
PRINCE Charles should be crowned King of Scots in a separate coronation if voters back independence, Kirk leaders say.