glans penis

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the conical mass of erectile tissue that forms the head of the penis

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The coronal sulcus margin and cutaneous margin should be entirely examined when evaluating circumcision specimens.
Most SCCs arise from the mucosal surface of the foreskin; therefore, the coronal sulcus (mucosal) margin is especially important.
Most SCCs of the penis arise from the epithelium of the distal portion of the organ (glans, coronal sulcus, and mucosal surface of the prepuce; the tumor may involve 1 or more of these anatomic compartments).
Penile HPV prevalence varied by site: 50% in the glans, coronal sulcus and inner foreskin tissue; 43% on the shaft and external foreskin; and 18% in the urethra.
Researchers undertook two studies: one involved 210 HIV-positive men, the other 840 HIV-negative men, all of whom were randomised to immediate and delayed circumcision study arms and monitored for 24 months for low- and high-risk HPV by sampling from the glans penis and coronal sulcus.