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commander of the British forces in the American War of Independence

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Ray was back on Cornwallis Island next year, again with a canoe, this time powered by a 10 hp motor.
Ponty Acclaim won the Cornwallis over course and distance in October, while Caledonia Lady was third in both 5f two-year-old contests.
The reader will meet key commanders and other leaders in the conflict: Cornwallis, Clinton, Lincoln, Tarleton, Compte D'Estaing, Baron Johann De Kalb, and Horatio Gates, among many others beginning or ending military careers in the American Revolution.
Cornwallis partnered six-times world champion Penny Lumley to the doubles crown after dropping the opening set to Leeming and world doubles champion Sue Haswell, winning 1-6, 6-4, 6-3.
At 36, Cornwallis was a well connected, career officer who had fought the French at Fontenoy and had participated in the slaughter of the Highland Scots at Culloden.
At Princeton, Cornwallis briefly falters and allows Washington to slip away to fight another day.
There was almost a shock in the Cornwallis Stakes as well, but 25-1 chance Ajigolo was just touched off by Hunter Street at 4-1 under Alan Munro.
Soon after, both George Washington and the French fleet slipped away and headed for Virginia, where they defeated Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.
She arrived in Canada from Kosovo in 2000, when she worked as a United Nations translator at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre in Cornwallis, N.
The two-day fixture next Friday and Saturday will be live on BBC with the Group Three Cornwallis Stakes providing the highlight on the second day.
He held Claret And Amber by a comfortable neck to earn a possible tilt at the Cornwallis Stakes at the track on Saturday week.
The battered document reveals the aftermath of a revolt on the 654-ton Marquis Cornwallis, which set sail from Cork with 244 prisoners and arrived in New South Wales in 1796.
JEREMY Hindley lands the Cornwallis Stakes after The Go-Between (J Lindley) sluices in from Arthur Stephenson's Ayr Rosebery Trophy winner Rapid River (T Kelsey).
After months of wrangling over details, Cornwallis threatened to go home unless matters were settled in eight more days, and the treaty was finally concluded.
With his Cherokee tomahawk and ragtag band of backwater militia, Martin essentially invents modern guerrilla warfare and harasses an uncomprehending Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson, self-parodying stuffiness with a deft intelligence that comes from a whole other movie) all the way from Charleston to Yorktown.