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Genetic mapping of powdery mildew disease resistance in Cornus florida.
Two cultivars of Cornus florida that are resistant to anthracnose to try are Appalachian Spring and Cherokee Princess.
Decline of Cornus florida and forest succession in a Quercus-Carya forest.
Other abundant species include Cornus florida, Quercus alba, and Fagus grandifolia.
Dogwood Anthracnose has been slowly moving through Michigan, destroying native stands of flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, for nearly ten years.
3) Flowering dogwood - Cornus florida Crimson King maple - Acer platanoides Crabapple -- Malus spp.
The following groups of species were tested: entire margins - Cornus florida, Fagus grandifolia, Cercis canadensis, and Nyssa sylvatica; prominently toothed - Ulmus americana and Viburnum rafinesquianum; inconspicuously toothed - Prunus serotina and Viburnum prunifolium; compound and prominently toothed - Aesculus sylvatica, Carya alba, and Rubus allegheniensis; lobed with smooth margins - Quercus alba, Quercus stellata, and Liriodendron tulipifera; lobed with pointed or toothed margins - Quercus rubra, Viburnum acerifolium, Liquidambar styracifiua, and Acer rubrum.
Some of the most popular are dogwood, Cornus florida, American persimmon, Diospryos virginiana, parsley hawthorne, Crataegus marshallii and American holly, Ilex opaca.
Impacts of dogwood anthracnose, Discula destructiva Redlin, on the fruits of flowering dogwood, Cornus florida L.
It is quite similar in many ways to our native dogwood, Cornus Florida, but flowers two weeks later in the spring, saving the blooms from late frost damage.