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Synonyms for Cornish

a Celtic language spoken in Cornwall

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English breed of compact domestic fowl

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As you may easily suppose, plenty of superstitions and scandals have followed in the track of the Spaniard's curse; and no doubt, as you would put it, any accident happening to this Cornish family would be connected with it by rural credulity.
My father, coming up this coast out of the Atlantic, was washed up on these Cornish rocks.
If you're marooned at a Cornish seaside resort out of the season with a man, you can't spend your time dodging him.
Then there comes the artist of a picture newspaper, with a foreground and figures ready drawn for anything from a wreck on the Cornish coast to a review in Hyde Park or a meeting in Manchester, and in Mrs.
My host the superintendent of the mine, was a shrewd but rather ignorant Cornish miner.
Cornish was accused of stealing a safe from the home of Ryan Casler, in Brighton.
Yet at the time Cornish Crosses were often F9s, or slightly more complex crosses not the F38s and beyond that many of those strains are today.
The painting by Norman Cornish is valued at PS20,000-PS30,000 in the sale tomorrow by Tennants auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.
It was tough on Cornish who was attempting to become the first Scot to win the British heavyweight title and left everything in the ring against the experienced Norwich scrapper.
A CORNISH dissident group has claimed responsibility for firebombing a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Rick Stein.
Kevin Maguire's article "Tories turn blind eye to Cornish nasties" was spot on (April 18).
The Cornish, mobilised by its own political party, Mebyon Kemow, had sent a petition signed by over 50,000 people to Downing Street demanding legislation put in place for a Cornish assembly.
Michael Gannon Gary Cornish marched into the ring as the stirring words from Braveheart were blasted around the O2 Arena.
One of Winnipeg's heritage treasures is the Cornish Library, located on West Gate in historic Armstrong's Point.
Norman Cornish was one of the country's most celebrated mining painters, capturing images of miners' working lives and their communities.