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Synonyms for cornflower

plant of southern and southeastern United States grown for its yellow flowers that can be dried

an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

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Shades of cornflower blue, buttercup yellow and pink dominate the colour palette, and are pared down with washed tones of grey and ecru for a fresh collection that transcends the seasons.
Banish visions of harsh black leather and hardwear zips - now shapes come in soft putty shades like cornflower blue, pebble grey and soft peach.
We've been pioneering the work of Arturo Pani, who was the biggest decorator in Mexico City in the 1930s to the '70s but is just now being discovered in the United States," says Willson, who you'll find in a salon-style installation complete with Carrera marble flooring and antique mirrors on a cornflower blue wall.
A series of them hung awkwardly but endearingly from wooden pegs on a cornflower blue wall, suggesting the possibility of endless reconfiguration and retelling.
nivea may be involved, toning down the cornflower blue petals of A.
COOL DOMINANT Evans cornflower blue one shoulder maxi dress, pounds 60.
Items to watch out for include gypsy-inspired broderie anglaise adorning a midnight blue mini dress and antique white smock top delicately embroidered with cornflower blue stitching.
Her figure wears a cornflower blue jacket and skirt, which she wore to Ascot in June 2005.
At Queens' Wreath (the shop itself a jewel box), owner Tina Little's unique cornflower blue sapphire ring was mesmerizing, and just my size.
The Opulence collection is available in a two-way cornflower blue and black colour scheme, and has every conceivable travel bag you could need.
She also noted earth tones such as paprika, cornflower blue and mossy green as playing a large role in the latest palettes.
The Queen, in cornflower blue, and Prince Philip--celebrating his 84th birthday--were driven in a Victorian open-top phaeton pulled by two grey geldings.
The Queen, in a cornflower blue outfit, rode in a carriage with the Duke of Edinburgh who, despite celebrating his 84th birthday the day before, wore the tall bearskin cap and uniform of colonel of the Grenadier Guards.