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fed on corn

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strong and healthy but not sophisticated

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Cornfed can't get enough, He's a battleship, six-foot-five--the prize of his family.
Budgens Our Kitchen Devonshire red cornfed chicken paupiettes
An antelope at 50 yards offers a more finite ranging surface than a cornfed whitetail at 30.
So, I've got this plump, yellow, cornfed chicken that's been buttered, lemoned, garlicked and salt and peppered and is now on a high setting in the oven.
As for the "Bread-crumbed cornfed chicken breast with Umbrian chick pea relish and rocket": "I could get one of these for pounds 1.
Chief among the entrees, of course, is steak, which is USDA Prime, cornfed and aged up to a month.
Doherty writes of Lucy, "In a decade misremembered as all whitebread homogeneity, male dominance, and stately decorum, the first breakout television show was brazenly multicultural, emphatically female-driven, and loopily anarchic: Lucy Ricardo (nee MacGillicuddy) and Ricky Ricardo, zany redhead and hot-blooded Latin, cornfed girl and exotic spice, wild woman and straight man.
Dishes like fillet of lemon sole, parsley and scallop ravioli to start, and main courses like baked seabass, halibut poached in olive oil, new potatoes with vermouth and horseradish and breast of cornfed chicken, hazelnut and tarragon risotto were wonderful.
We can offer you a 16-ounce supreme de boeuf, incised by our own butcher from the fore flank of a cornfed Holstein raised on our own Montana ranch, then slow-grilled over palmetto and buffalo chips at a temperature of.
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Dexter's Laboratory: Star Spangled Sidekicks TV Superpals Game Over,'' The Cartoon Network; ``Duckman: Duckman and Cornfed in Haunted Society Plunders,'' USA; ``King of the Hill: Square Peg,'' Fox; ``Rugrats: Mother's Day,'' Nickelodeon; ``The Simpsons: Homer's Phobia,'' Fox.
It has a cornfed, old-fashioned quality to it, but it strikes me as heartfelt, authentic and, like his warnings about Vietnam, instinctively well-timed.