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a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone

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THIEVES have stolen a cornet from a champion brass band musician which was a gift from her late parents.
Joan said that her hardworking parents "scrimped and saved" to buy her the cornet as a gift for her 18th birthday.
He played cornet in North Skelton Band, which was runner-up in the National Finals and won a host of other contests.
Son Josh, five, who attends Skelton Primary School, is already proficient on the cornet and daughter Evie, two, is also showing promise on her toy trumpet
Lanark is very proud of the Lord Cornets Club, and Bill and David are senior members.
The Lord Cornets Club is a very tight community and a lot of people feel completely torn because they don't know whether to be loyal to Bill or David.
Dr Criggie and his wife became friendly with the Hugheses through their involvement in the Lord Cornets.
But modern-day Lord Cornets keep up the ancient tradition of riding around the burgh boundaries on horseback.
Remove cornets from oven and allow to cool 30 seconds before gently
Solo cornet player Sam Wood left the Brighouse ranks last year to play with Grimethorpe.
Sam had previously played third cornet progressing to repiano then flugel.
To serve: Pipe pear puree into each cornet until three-quarters full.