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a retail store serving a sparsely populated region

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The confectionery makers filmed the heartwarming promo at a convenience store called The Corner Shop in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.
The Sunday Mirror found a range of energy drinks at corner shops near primary and high schools in Carshalton, Surrey, all much cheaper than traditional fizzy drinks.
At another corner shop close to Al Mariah Mall, the manager who did not wish to be named, said business was down over the past week.
Whitehall Corner Shop was investigated after a complaint was made by a member of the public alleging the business had sold alcohol to a 13-year-old girl.
But what a tragedy it will be if we, a so-called nation of shopkeepers, turn our corner shops into cold, clinical and impersonal places.
The Association of Convenience Stores said one in four corner shops that invested in their businesses over the past year used the cash to improve till systems.
It will enable Waitrose to enter entirely new territories from the 138 countries British Corner Shop regularly ships to, including two of its largest markets, the USA and Germany, neither of which is among the 60 countries the UK retailer already exports to.
I'm not eating them all myself and I'm not selling them in a car boot sale or in a corner shop, they're staying in the community.
Witnesses said the injured man then walked along Dixon Street before collapsing outside Dovecot Street corner shop.
HOLDEN -- The Corner Shop at the First Congregational Church of Holden, 1180 Main St.
a Fag endingNO one can doubt that Shriraj Ginda theTorry corner shop owner repeatedly sold cigarettes to under 18 year olds.
The London Olympics, the annual tennis tournament at Wimbledon, Prince William and Kate's wedding and the birth of their son this week, third in line to the throne, have dramatically increased online sales, according to British Corner Shop -- the leading online supermarket for British expats .
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korean grocers and corner shop owners issued an ultimatum to Japan: end your claim to a disputed set of islands in the East Sea or face a national boycott of your products.
The organisers of a competition to find the nation's best corner shop are calling for final nominations for the award from West Yorkshire.
If the corner shop, however, wants to, the legislation allows them.