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Roman historian who wrote major works on the history of the Roman Empire (56-120)

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It's not so surprising that Boudica (sometimes spelled Boudicca and formerly Boadicea) has not been portrayed in the most favorable light when you look at who was doing the portraying: Cassius Dio and Cornelius Tacitus, two historians of old - and both Roman.
AS THE HISTORIAN Simon Schama tells us in his informative and enriching Landscape and Memory (1995), Cornelius Tacitus completed his monumental study Germania; or, On the Origin and Situation of the Germans, around the year 98.
We know that his last two names were Cornelius Tacitus, but we do not know the first of his three Roman names.
Despite all the recent commentary regarding the tragic situation in the Middle East, no one has yet made reference to a most significant source text, the Historiae of Cornelius Tacitus (55-117 A.
Le Tibere Francais, ou les six Premiers livres des Annales de Cornelius Tacitus (1616, 2nd ed.
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