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French tragic dramatist whose plays treat grand moral themes in elegant verse (1606-1684)

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She notes one particular danger of seeking the ironic reading: "Certain readers of Corneille, needless to say myself included .
Opposite page, Kathryn Meisle and Al Espinosa in The Illusion, adapted by Tony Kushner from Pierre Corneille, which played May 31-June 25 at the Dallas Theater Center, with direction by Richard Hamburger, set design by Michael Yeargan, lighting by Stephen Strawbridge, costume design by Wade Laboissonniere and sound design by David Budries.
This evolution had not gone unchallenged, notably by Pierre Corneille in his Discours of 1660.
In these readings, Ternaux is at his most interesting, as when he shows how Corneille adapts substantial portions of Lucan to his own needs, nevertheless "classicizing" his source in consonance with the ideal of magnanimite that, together with Lucan's stoicism, constitutes the governing ideology of his play.
Aussi voit-on une vision unique de la magnanimite partagee par Corneille et La Rochefoucauld, deux ecrivains souvent representes comme les poles opposes de la morale classique.
While the warden was taking photos to document the parking offence, Corneille approached him shouting and swearing before pushing him against a window.
When the warden tried to stand up, Corneille pushed him again, a police spokesman added.
Corneille screamed, "I will smack your f***ing head in" as he put his hands round the warden's neck and pushed his head to the ground.
KARACHI -- Two ships CMA CGM Corneille and CT Confidence carrying containers and 11,830 tonnes palm oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal and Liquid Cargo Terminal respectively on Thursday.
Two ships, CMA CGM Corneille and CT Confidence carrying containers and palm oil are expected to take berths at Container Terminal respectively on Thursday.
Thus at the very moment when Corneille establishes his legendary notion of heroism (1636-1637), fuite and heroism are enacted on stage and set out as mutually exclusive.
Commission president Corneille Nangaa told delegates at multi-party talks, intended to reach a national consensus on the election date, that the commission would finish updating the voter registry at the end of July 2017.
Airport sources, however, identified her as Corneille Agabon, wife of PO2 Chum GocOng Agabon, one of the 44 SAF heroes.
As we move into the next section, Gobert's thesis really takes hold: he demonstrates with great flair and precision a largely overlooked aspect of theatre history, namely the interaction (as the book's subtitle would have it) of the newly-articulated Cartesian subject (and subjectivity) and the transformation of Neoclassical theatrical modes by prominent writers such as Corneille and Dryden.
Frese Witt maintains that while Kushner's adaptation is particularly free, borrowing not only from Corneille but from "the Italian commedia, the Spanish comedia, Shakespeare, Pirandello, and Brecht" (73), both utilize metatheater to achieve similar ends.