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a border or edge of any of various body parts distinguished by color or structure

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The research, published in PLOS ONE, showed that stem cells can be cultured from the corneal limbus in vitro.
Furthermore, these stem cells also exist in aged human eyes, and can be cultured even from the corneal limbus of 97 year olds.
The eye is uniquely affected, as copper accumulates in Descemet's membrane of the corneal limbus, resulting in KF rings (Figure), and in the lens, resulting in sunflower cataracts.
Furthermore the research, published in the British Journal for Ophthalmology, suggests that using corneal limbus cells would be beneficial in humans as it would avoid complications with rejection or contamination because the cells taken from the eye would be returned to the same patient.
The results show that local platelets in corneal limbus and near the wound are essential in epithelialization.