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nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus

stocky short-legged harness horse

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white gull having a black back and wings

adult male swan

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Soil scientists Brian Wienhold (left) and Gary Varvel compare corncob residue in various stages of decomposition in no-till corn in Lincoln, Nebraska.
To prepare for these new bioenergy uses for corn and to establish procedures for making similar cost-benefit calculations for corn bioenergy operations around the country, Archer used the ARS Environmental Policy Integrated Climate (EPIC) model to study the economics and environmental soundness of farmers' supplying the university with corncobs or other corn stover.
Corncob, fries and barbecue dip completed the feast.
For easy storage , the yellow corncob piece nests inside the green husk, and serves as a protective sheath for the sharp edge and rivets.
They'll learn what Joe Medwick said when he met the Pope, why Hank Aaron was called out for hitting a home run, how Jake Jones got a triple on a foul ball, how corncobs helped the Waner brothers become Hall of Famers, who pitched a perfect game in relief and which announcer signaled a home run by yelling, "Open the window, Aunt Minnie, here it comes
You can build the loft on brick pillars about 18" off the ground, and then put down a wood floor covered with sawdust, ground corncobs, or similar material to absorb droppings.
A bonus to this video is the many encounters the traveler has with those who create folk crafts, including the following: hand spinning, weaving with wrest looms, and shaping large pottery vessels with corncobs.
They are made by splitting a coconut in half, hollowing out the center, and adding features made from seedpods, corncobs, and other vegetation.
The "Corncob Scarecrow" requires students to contribute the most essential supplies for the project, corncobs and husks.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) reveals that "relief from soaring prices at the gas pump could come in the form of corncobs, cornstalks, switchgrass and other types of biomass.
Derived from corncobs, xylitol is diabetic-safe, reduces the incidence of cavities and protects tooth enamel.
Constructed from corncobs, these handy side tables are like small works of art.
He saw corncobs, melon rinds, and some squishy-looking yellow stuff.
They're examining novel ways to replace non-renewable petroleum with something that will come back year after year--agricultural products such as corn sugar, soybean and canola oils or possibly even plant wastes such as corncobs.