corned beef

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beef cured or pickled in brine

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5 The opposite of the cornbeef thighs are the singed ones - you know it's a nice hot day when you burn the back of your legs on your car seat.
Dan used a blowtorch to trim his famous bristles and when he ate cornbeef, he chewed up the can as well.
Bare legs 62% 10 deniers 38% In last Thursday's WM we asked you whether in the depths of winter you would opt for a little black dress, bare legs and the potential of the cornbeef effect Victoria Beckham style, or dowdy 10-denier tights la Katie Holmes.
Lunch: three sandwiches with ham, cornbeef, pork or peas pudding.
Cornbeef restaurant 0 $10,000 97 McDonald's restaurant 50 $500,000 97 Allen-White Group offices 5 $675,000 97 (Ferris Hotel) John Widdicomb Co.
ABCNEWS viewers will say whether Irish Soda Bread, Potato Soup, Braised Cabbage with Cornbeef Hash, Lamb Stew, or Apple Custard Pie will be the fare of St.