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In America's case, this could lead to what I like to call corn-pone Nazism a few years down the road.
Also on the plus side, Jarratt makes for a cool new kind of corn-pone villain, as amusing as he is menacing (at least before he goes totally super- psycho).
A reading of a new play by a leading American playwright, a revue that reviews life lessons and a corn-pone comedy will open on local stages this week.
Then there are the exciting and hilarious midnight-ride rockabilly tours with Elvis (``One Tree Hill's'' Tyler Hilton), Jerry Lee Lewis (Waylon Payne), Waylon Jennings (played by his own son Shooter) and, for some reason, corn-pone comedian June all crammed in the same sedan.
Anyway, as sick as the Fireflys' rampage gets, these charismatic, corn-pone Corleones eventually become the victims of Wydell's retributional rage.
The film boasts some tensely contentious meetings between King's Montgomery Improvement Association and the all-white City Council, though it does stack the deck a bit by portraying all whites in power as unlearned rednecks with corn-pone accents (there isn't a white who doesn't pronounce ``Negro'' as ``nigra''), while King's contingent are all well-spoken.