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coarsely ground corn

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They were now struggling to care for children on subsistence incomes earned by gathering firewood, trading corn-meal, smuggling, selling fermented drinks, or tending a small plots of land.
Called Villa, the line comes in ivory, coral, corn-meal, lotus blue and ocean teal.
Takes many forms - white or yellow cornmeal (used for quickbreads and muffins), hominy (hull and germ removed, a side dishes), grits (dried, ground hominy used for cereal and side dishes), polenta (coarse-ground Italian corn-meal, used for a mush that accompanies main dishes), and masa harina (a specially prepared cornmeal for tortillas).
Colored sand or corn-meal dyed with food coloring and moistened with rubbing alcohol rather than water may be used.
Stir corn-meal mixture into boiling broth; stir until smooth and well-mixed.
Two lysine corn-meal recipes are included in the following high-fiber microwave dishes, as well as tasty, crunchy Bulgur-Wheat Salad and Whole-Wheat Fettucini you won't want to miss.
Make 4 servings or 16 appetizers) Corn-meal pastry (below) 1 can (16 oz.