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Two separate oval plates holding nicely executed rice and the usual frijoles (refried beans), along with sides of handmade corn tortillas kept warm in a circular wooden container, arrive with the steaming dish.
79) fails as a taco (the mixture is so moist it soaks the corn tortilla, making it hard to hold the package), but the acidified fish is bright and meaty--a feisty counterpunch to the heavier flavors elsewhere.
One of the special dishes that the truck prepares is the Al Pastor Sirloin, which is made with beef sirloin, grilled pineapple and roasted tomatillo salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla.
The truck prepares al pastor sirloin, which is made up of sirloin with grilled pineapple and roasted tomatillo salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla, and costilla, smoked BBQ short ribs, pickled radish, topped with red onions and roasted jitomates salsa.
These are the Garden of Eatin' USDA Organic Boldly Seasoned Corn Tortilla Chips, Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips in Mini Heart Shapes and Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips in Salt & Vinegar.
According to company officials, Snack Factory Tortilla Chips deliver a modern take on the corn tortilla by being thinner and crispier than an ordinary tortilla chip, while offering a unique shape and satisfying crunch that holds up to hearty dips and toppings.
com)-- La Gringa Taqueria introduces blue corn tortilla to their menu options, one of the first in New York to offer a healthy alternative to the traditional Tex-Mex meal for their customers.
If you prefer a less spicy chip, the Las Delicias Homemade Style Corn Tortilla Chips are the best
Mystic Harvest Purple Corn Tortilla Chips have an ORAC score of 6000 and blueberries have a score of 4669.
Fat (g) (g) CORN TORTILLA CHIPS Cape Cod Veggie Tortilla Chips 140 6 1 [check] Corazonas Salsa Picante Heart 140 7 0.
THE SPECS: A crispy corn tortilla shell filled with citrus-marinated chicken, iceberg lettuce and a blend of jack and cheddar cheese.
We estimated fumonisin exposure from a postpartum sphinganine:sphingosine (sa:so) ratio, a biomarker for fumonisin exposure measured in maternal serum, and from maternal recall of periconceptional corn tortilla intake.
For a change, try wrapping sandwich fillings in turkey, lettuce or a corn tortilla.
Varieties include: Viva Mex Barbacoa, beef cheek meat, which is served in a flour or corn tortilla with diced onion, hot sauce and toppings; Viva Mex Carne Guisada, beef tips, served in a tortilla as a taco or as a center of the plate item meal with refried beans and rice; and Viva Mex Menudo, Mexican-style soup made from beef tripe, white hominy and special seasonings, traditionally served with a slice of lemon and/or onions.
At that point Schaffer, who had been eating a corn tortilla, realized it was from corn grown on local land.