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a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)

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The 48-year-old victim was found with serious injuries to his back and ribs at the junction of Corn Mill Close and Mill Lane at about 6.
The team also investigated the site of a medieval corn mill.
ADM begins work on carbon dioxide sink: Archer Daniels Midland has begun an $84 million federally sponsored project to inject greenhouse gases from its corn mill deep into the ground, saying the process could provide a solution to global warming.
The Grade II Listed corn mill and adjoining classic Georgian house have been restored and imaginatively converted to a vast 8,766 sq.
This biodegradable polyester is made by bacterial fermentation of cornstarch, to be supplied by a nearby ADM corn mill.
It includes images of Henry VI entering Coventry, the former Turrel's corn mill, which was situated on the Foyer site at the turn of the century, and Coventry Garage, which also stood on the site and sold cars made by the Rootes group.
Locals say the birds at the Crabble Corn Mill on the River Dour near Dover both have distinctive male crowns.
The eastern province of Holguin will soon have a state-of-the-art corn mill, after a nearly one-year upgrading process.
There's the haunted farmhouse that no member of staff will go near after nightfall, the creepy corn mill where mysterious footsteps echo in the gloom, the old soldier and the man in black, all brought to 'life' at Halloween.
Retirement pension plans--other than Federal social security--applied to at least nine-tenths of the production workers in the flour, blended flour, and wet corn mill industries; the proportion was four-fifths in rice mills.
The crash happened at 9pm on Saturday when a Volkswagen Golf and an Audi crashed on Wake-field Road between the Corn Mill Restaurant and the M62 junction.
Sales of stoneground flour, oatmeal, oat flakes and muesli are all doing well at Heatherslaw Corn Mill in north Northumberland since the latest series of the hit TV show finished.
It's a former mill owner's house, but on its six acres of land there's a partially converted former corn mill too, with planning permission for a four-bedroom residence.
Simon, who plays Corrie bad boy Steve McDonald, was spotted at the Corn Mill with Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame.